BJC Healthcare

Project Details

Kozeny-Wagner’s work with BJC, one of the largest nonprofit health care delivery organizations in the country, was the type of collaborative environment where we excel.

One of the most complex construction challenges BJC’s real estate division has faced is that of continuing to serve their clientele while expanding their facilities and updating to ensure compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations.

Kozeny-Wagner was involved with each project from the programing/design development phase along with BJCRE, the BJC end user, the design team, key subs, and BJC’s building management service provider. Budget, schedule, and function would all be considered in a parallel process to quickly respond and implement the project plan.

Once construction was ready to start, special attention was always given to coordinating noisy or other disruptive work tasks (i.e. access into suites below for plumbing changes) to off hours. Special attention to, and daily checking of dust/infection control barriers was part of the daily routine along with extra attention to housekeeping and daily contact with those affected by, or adjacent to the work spaces to be proactive about heading off potential issues, or perceived issues.

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