Building a strong Foundation

At Kozeny-Wagner, we have an unwavering commitment to worker safety and we understand that safety isn’t a set of protocols. The priority we place on getting our employees home safely every night is a fundamental value that we must protect at all costs. With that in mind, our safety and loss control philosophy at Kozeny-Wagner is focused on four main components:

  • Training
  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Commitment

We believe that a properly trained and equipped employee will be safer and better prepared to deal with risk situations that impact his safety or the safety of other workers on the site. Regular communication is the key to the success of all business issues and safety is no exception. We regularly and specifically communicate the known risk on the jobsite to all employees and known ways to deal safely with those risks. Employees use their experience to communicate back to management the risks they see in the operations and the best ways to solve the problems. This two-way communication on safety and loss control ensures that all potential risks are acknowledged, evaluated and mitigated.

Employees at Kozeny-Wagner participate in safety both in program development and program return. Our executive safety committee meets monthly and includes employees from all departments, and from all levels, of the organization. Our safety and loss control manual is distributed to all employees and is the product of constant updating and revision. It is a living document that contains input from management, outside safety and health professionals and employees that are directly exposed to the risks of construction. Our safety and loss control incentive plan provides tangible recognition and reward for those employees who demonstrate safe work practices at the jobsite while also giving disincentive to those whose behavior and attitude are not up to the safety standards set company wide.

Finally, commitment is the linchpin that holds the program together. Commitment starts at the top of the organization with regular input from the most senior management personnel; a commitment that safety is a priority of the highest magnitude at the strategic level. The commitment filters down to the foreman and managers who direct daily operations and are charged with the responsibility for keeping the project safe. And it ends with the commitment of the workers on the project site; committed to their own individual safe work practices.

Construction is inherently a dangerous occupation but we believe that through the application of the above components we have a safety plan that strives to ensure that at the end of the day, all of our workers return home to their families and friends safely.

Kozeny-Wagner is a member of the St. Louis Construction OSHA Partnership and maintains a drug free work environment.