Building a strong Foundation

The Kozeny-Wagner, Inc. Quality Assurance/Quality Control starts day one when we are chosen as your construction service provider. Kozeny-Wagner defines the customer’s expectations and requirements through frequent communication. We will establish your expectations and requirements and monitor them throughout the project.

Kozeny-Wagner has a long history of success in the construction industry. Through our experience we have developed several principals that will make your project a success. The following elements constitute some principal concepts:

  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Total Employee Involvement
  • Independent QA/QC Inspections
  • Concentrate on Prevention, not Correction
  • Institute Leadership to Enhance the Work Environment
  • Supplier-Customer Relationship
  • Customer Satisfaction is our Primary Focus
  • Problem-Solving Teams or Work Smart Teams Lead to Refined Solutions
  • Break Down Barriers Between Departments and Divisions
  • Training and Self-Improvement for Everyone
  • Measurement to Track Improvements

Recognition for Employees Who Work Toward Continuous Improvements
Our pre-construction services team will analyze program details and perform our front-end and estimating services using our proven methods and procedures. We will then implement and execute the Kozeny-Wagner Project Delivery System. This is a proven system of procedures, methods, and activities that insure the highest quality, delivered within the project schedule and budget. As members of the Associated General Contractors, we require continuing education for all levels of management and field personnel. Education that includes quality assurance/quality control, construction technology, administrative methodology, innovations in project delivery, customer satisfaction and safety/risk management requirements, etc.

Within our management staff, Kozeny-Wagner managers have an average of 24 years of industry experience and an average 15 years of tenure with the organization.

Within our Field Supervisor staff, Kozeny-Wagner Superintendents have an average of 28 years of industry experience and an average 20 years of tenure with the organization.

This extraordinary tenured experience in the construction industry, and within the Kozeny-Wagner team, pays huge dividends for our clients in the form of skill, safety, consistency, integrity and quality.