Old Post Office Plaza

Project Details

Old Post Office Plaza is a 30,000 sq. ft. multipurpose facility located between Eighth and Ninth streets in downtown St. Louis. The plaza contains performance space, a large sculpture and a waterfall. The focal point of the area is at the base of the cascading three-story waterfall, showcasing an art sculpture “Torso di Ikaro”, from which the plaza design was inspired. The performance space is a central square area where events are staged. Programs include lunchtime and evening music, theater, street performers, weekend markets, film series and special events. A permanent screen wall was installed next to the Orpheum Theater and acts as a shading device for seating. Trees and benches, forming a labyrinth, can be found on the east side of the plaza. Additional shaded space on the southwest corner connects to a raised plateau which terraces down into the water basin.

Unique Challenges

Kozeny-Wagner experienced their biggest challenge early on in this project. Difficult site conditions were discovered in the beginning stages of construction. Due to this finding, the team was forced to re-evaluate the structural design of the project. Originally, the design called for install pile for the support of the structure. However, with the close proximity of the Orpheum Theater, Kozeny-Wagner needed to find a structural design solution to support the projects fountain without risking possible damage to a 100+ year-old building during construction. The team’s resolution used auger cast piles for the structure, which posed no threat of damage to the building. Although this was an unforeseen challenge, the team delivered and kept the cost within the original budget for the scope of work.