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Honoring Roger Loesche

March 21, 2019

Our very own Roger Loesche, Vice President and CFO, was honored on March 19, 2019.  He was awarded with the Associated General Contractors of Missouri’s ’s S.I.R. Award (Skill, Integrity and Responsibility). This is the highest honor bestowed upon any member by the AGCMO and is not awarded annually. It is only awarded when a nomination is received and approved by the AGCMO board of directors.

AGCMO’s board of directors’ policies state that the S.I.R. Award criteria is as follows:

  1. The accomplishment recognized shall be one that meets one or more of the following qualifications:
    1. Contributed the most to the community through service arising out of membership or duties under the AGCMO.  This can or should be broad in scope.
    2. A service performed for, or to aid, the AGCMO, such as progressive building or progressive design, act of kindness, safety, heroism, etc.
    3. A service or accomplishment that has brought honor to the AGCMO and the community.
    4. The individual’s own success in the construction industry.
    5. Any other accomplishment deemed fit.
    6. Awards should not necessarily be limited to the successful businessperson or leader.

“Roger has been active with Associated General Contractors for 23 years (his entire tenure at Kozeny-Wagner).  In that time, Roger has accumulated nearly 60 man-years of Committee Service”, stated Denise Hasty, AGCMO Vice President  In addition, Roger was part of the founding group of members that developed the entire AGCMO Keystone Awards program from the beginning and has written all 21 scripts for the annual awards gala along the way.

“The Associated General Contractors of Missouri’s S.I.R. Award is one of the most prestigious construction industry awards in the Midwest. Roger’s dedication to Kozeny-Wagner, the AGCMO and our industry over the past two decades is unmatched. He is the perfect candidate to receive this very distinguished honor. He now joins a short list of regional construction icons that have made a notable impact on our industry”, stated Patrick Kozeny, President of Kozeny-Wagner.

Congratulations Roger!