600 Washington

Project Details

The dying 600 Washington Office Tower, formerly One City Centre, has found a remarkable rebirth as a Class A office tower in part to its’ 6,200 sq. ft. renovated lobby space. Kozeny-Wagner worked with the developer and the design team to identify the facility’s revitalization needs and created innovative solutions that met the developer’s criteria for establishing a Class A office tower for the City of St. Louis business district. The lobby features state-of-the-art mechanical systems, new surveillance and monitoring equipment, emergency systems and keyless entry. Exquisitely appointed with Italian Calacatta Oro marble, Terrazzo flooring, and rich wood panel cladding, custom reception/security desk and elevator cabs.

Unique Challenges

Every project comes with a unique set of challenges. Even when working on an accelerated schedule, we incorporated some of the finest building materials from around the world and worked concurrently with contractors to transform the building’s entrance, all without interrupting the tenant’s daily operations. Another logistical challenge we faced was working in an occupied building with multiple office suite tenants. Careful consideration of tenants and their working hours were taken to ensure normal operations continued. Noise restriction guidelines and a well-organized work plan were established and followed throughout the construction process.