Dougherty Ferry Bridge

Project Details

Originally built in the early 1960’s, the Dougherty Ferry Bridge over Interstate 270 was in need of replacement. The bridge could no longer handle the 45,000 vehicles that use it every day. Too narrow to allow more than one through-lane in each direction, significant traffic backed up onto Interstate 270.

The new bridge allows westbound motorists two through-lanes and two left-turn lanes. Eastbound drivers have one through-lane and two left-turn lanes. Additional turn-lanes were added for I-270 motorists wanting to go west on Dougherty Ferry. Our team also added a pedestrian sidewalk with an associated barrier and outside fence.

The widening of this bridge and the added turn-lanes provide motorists with a faster and smoother transition on and off the Interstate.

Unique Challenges

The time frame required to demolish and rebuild this bridge was 14 weeks. Although the bridge required a complete redesign due to the discovery of poor rock conditions, no extension to the construction schedule was necessary.

Weather conditions were another obstacle for the team. This project was set for construction during the hot summer months and the tight schedule demanded workers around the clock for the majority of the time. Multiple crews were working double shifts in order to work on both sides of the structure simultaneously. During the last several weeks of construction, crews endured extreme heat with temperatures nearing triple digit record highs.

Kozeny-Wagner met these challenges head on, and the team surpassed expectations by completing the project in only 80 days which was two weeks ahead of schedule.