Harris-Stowe State University

Project Details

A new state-of-the-art childcare facility, hands-on teaching laboratory and parenting education center provides two functions: a Child-Development Center designed to serve up to 140 children and a Higher Education college-level classroom area with capacity for 340 students. Project elements include nine child-development classrooms, Gross Motor Skills room, extensive courtyard playground, four conference rooms, eight higher education classrooms, full-service kitchen, eight offices, storage area and a parent library.

This project has been registered with the USGBC with the intent to become LEED Silver certified. With respect to the LEED requirements this project contained the largest square footage of pervious concrete poured to date within the St. Louis construction market.

Unique Challenges

The greatest challenge of this project was keeping the task on schedule since the project schedule allowed only 253 working days to complete along with the threat of liquidated damages, Kozeny Wagner was able to meet this challenge by working closely with the subcontractors to develop the most efficient construction schedule. In addition to the difficult construction schedule LEED credit requirements posed many challenges. One of the LEED credits required Kozeny Wagner to divert from the landfills fifty percent by weight of the total waste generated from the construction activities. Kozeny Wagner developed a construction waste management plan specific to the project and carefully monitored the waste diversion progress, thus allowing Kozeny Wagner to meet this LEED requirement.