Christian Brothers College

Project Details

Christian Brothers High School is a private Catholic school committed to providing a college preparatory education to students from all backgrounds serving grades 9-12. CBC occupies 25 acres at the northwest corner of the I-270 and I-64/U.S. 40 interchange in Town & Country, Missouri. The campus welcomed it’s first group of students to the new campus in August 2003.

As technology changes so does the curriculum for students. The existing 10,000 square foot Dunne Library is currently being renovated into a contemporary and state-of-the-art environment for students named the Innovation Center. The new space is comprised of a Presentation Center, Conference Center, STEM Lounge, STEM Lab, Marker Space, Robotics Lab, Student Leadership Lounge, Student Leadership Council Chambers, 3D Printer Room and Team Rooms. Other features include comfortable, yet functional furniture that fosters the collaboration that is an integral part of the overall dynamic new learning space.

This new space offers students the opportunity to engage and learn in a collaborative, practical and hands-on environment.