Univ. of Missouri – Columbia

Project Details

Sircal-Kozeny-Wagner, a joint venture, was selected by the University of Missouri to provide construction services for the new Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. The project consisted of the gut and renovation of 18,030 square foot at Walter Williams Hall and 29,103 square foot in the sociology building. In addition, a new 23,750 square foot four-story-link building connects Walter William Hall and the Sociology Building. This new state-of-the-art facility includes the RJI Futures Laboratory, and a technology demonstration and research center. The lab has workspaces, a TV studio, editing workstations and editor’s offices. The building also has forum and seminar rooms, a public reception and exhibit area, a coffee shop and a library/information center.

Unique Challenges

Work on the Sociology Building includes a new slate roof, new aluminum windows, under-pinning drilled piers, complete interior demolition, including floors and all walls, lowering the ground floor 6 feet and replacing the existing two floors with three new ones. New structural steel in the attic is required to distribute the loads that were bearing on the interior walls. After demolition started, it was discovered that the mortar on the building was deteriorated and the building was not structurally sound. After much investigation, it was decided to repair and reinforce the structure by injecting a grout mixture into all the exterior walls.