i44 Bridge Replacements

This project consists of the replacement of seven bridges over a 1.5 mile span. This project is phased over the course of two years to allow for continued traffic flow. The project includes the replacement of the eastbound side of the bridges in the first year, with all eastbound traffic switched to the westbound lanes. In order to remain on schedule, all bridges must be replace simultaneously, which requires superb management from our team of superintendents assigned to this project. Kozeny-Wagner is working closely with MoDOT and all subcontracts to manage the schedule and time before a winter shutdown must occur and all work on the eastbound lanes are required to be complete.
Throughout this project we are continuously providing daily project updates to remain on schedule, working closely with subcontracts to manage timely deliveries, and working closely with the owner to adhere to all guidelines in place for this project. The bridge replacements all occur within a small section of the heaviliy traveled interstate, which creates a challenge due to the high volume of traffic that uses this section. Safety is a high priority on this project, and Kozeny-Wagner has continued to follow the safety guidelines in place by MoDOT and OSHA thorughout the demolition and construction of the seven bridges.