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Whole Foods Market – Central West End

May 18, 2016

May 24th, 2016

Whole Foods Market wanted to make a big statement in the St. Louis grocery market with their new urban location in the Central West End. They needed to partner with a local general contractor to do it.

We pursued Whole Foods Market and were selected as one of only two local contractors invited to submit a proposal.

As a result of our thorough pre-construction efforts, we presented the best value proposal to Whole Foods Market and embarked on this challenging and time-sensitive build-out.

Our project team was faced with a unique set of challenges which made for a complex project including:

Tight urban logistics

  • Coordinate with the developer and his contractor as they completed the shell building
  • Synchronize efforts with several Whole Foods Market direct contractors
  • Work with Whole Foods Market’s internal equipment and décor teams

However, with Kozeny-Wagner’s strong process-orientated delivery system, every aspect of the project was examined for compatibility and tweaked to ensure a safe and high-quality deliverable.

“Our primary goal is find and fix potential problems before an area is built.”

Weekly coordination meetings where every team member discussed their individual assignments and understood how they interfaced with others was key to the project’s success.

Based on feedback from several of Whole Food Market’s regular vendors, our process resulted in less confusion and redo work in the final weeks of construction than at other new store locations.

In the end, the Kozney-Wagner team delivered a first-rate shopping facility right on time for the grand opening.

Along with Whole Foods Market, we are proud to be a part of the St. Louis community and look forward to serving it for many years to come.